„SUSTAINABILITY– next level“

Wenn man sich auf die Künstliche Intelligenz einlässt, ist jeder Tag voller neuer Abenteuer. Diese AIdventures teilen wir hier mit Euch. Wir freuen uns, wenn Ihr uns Eure Gedanken mitteilt. Und uns Themen und Ereignisse nennt, über die wir bloggen sollten. Let’s co-create! Denn für die Artificial Intelligence gilt: We are in this together.

Am Anfang sind es immer nur wenige, die etwas anfangen.

That’s the name of the panel that I had the pleasure and honor to moderate at the 27th edition of “Bank der Zukunft” (Bank of the Future) of the International Bankers Forum. Thank you Dr. Nader Maleki, Samira Maleki and Darius Maleki for organizing  this visionary hybrid conference that was streamed parallel from the live-events in Frankfurt, Munich, Stuttgart, Berlin, Hamburg and Düsseldorf.

On my panel we discussed the urgent actions that must be taken by banks, companies and policymakers to tackle the sustainability challenges of our and the next generations. The role of the financial industry in this task is truly essential and indispensable.

I welcomed Prof. Dr. Andreas Dombret, former Board Member of Deutsche Bundesbank, Michael Schmidt, CFA, representing the Sustainable Finance Advisory Committee der Bundesregierung , and Hans-Juergen Walter, Global Leader Sustainable Finance at Deloitte, who also delivered a keynote speech. All together we had a great line-up of more than 60 distinguished speakers from the world of finance and sustainability.

The role of AI to achieve these goals will also an issue and therefore I was glad to add the perspectives of our “AInitiative to aimprove (y)our future” as well as the insights that we achieved with our “Forum KAIpital” that we performed with the International Bankers Forum last November. We will repeat this format in November this year. Thank you all for your contributions to achieve the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the UN!