hAIkathon at Alanus University: Empowering Future Entrepreneurs

Wenn man sich auf die Künstliche Intelligenz einlässt, ist jeder Tag voller neuer Abenteuer. Diese AIdventures teilen wir hier mit Euch. Wir freuen uns, wenn Ihr uns Eure Gedanken mitteilt. Und uns Themen und Ereignisse nennt, über die wir bloggen sollten. Let’s co-create! Denn für die Artificial Intelligence gilt: We are in this together.

Am Anfang sind es immer nur wenige, die etwas anfangen.

AInitiative recently collaborated with Alanus University of Arts and Social Sciences to host an inspiring hAIckathon, equipping students with cutting-edge skills for the future of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Bridging AI and Innovation Management

At the invitation of Prof. Stephan Hankammer, our experienced trainers Christoph Santner, Christine Papadopoulos, and Alex Revoire, supported by Prof. Andrea Sunder-Plassmann and Aaron Randy Moreno, provided valuable insights into generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) for students in the Innovation Management module.

Hands-on Experience with AI Tools

HANDS-ON EXPERIENCE WITH AI TOOLS – Over two intensive days, students and external guests explored a variety of AI tools. Participants applied these technologies to real-world challenges, developing innovative solutions for pressing societal issues. The workshop opened new perspectives on the potential of AI in business innovation and entrepreneurship.

FROM APPREHENSION TO OPPORTUNITY – A key objective of the hAIckathon was to demystify AI and help students overcome any initial reservations. Through practical experience, participants transformed potential fears into opportunities for growth and innovation. The event showcased how AI can be leveraged creatively to solve complex problems.

OUTCOMES & FUTURE IMPACT – The hAIckathon was met with overwhelmingly positive feedback. Participants not only enhanced their technical skills but also gained:

– A deeper understanding of AI’s role in entrepreneurship

– Practical experience in applying AI to business innovation

– Confidence in leveraging AI for future ventures

LOOKING AHEADAInitiative is committed to fostering AI literacy and innovation in academia. We look forward to future collaborations with institutions like Alanus University, continuing to empower the next generation of entrepreneurs who can leverage AI for positive change.

Thank you to all who participated and for all those that made this possible! For more information about upcoming events and our work at AInitiative, visit our website www.ainitiative.net and follow us on LinkedIn. Join us in shaping the future of AI-driven entrepreneurship!