🇨🇭 Davos goes dAIvos 🤖 – or: The Freezing Man Festival 🔥

Wenn man sich auf die Künstliche Intelligenz einlässt, ist jeder Tag voller neuer Abenteuer. Diese AIdventures teilen wir hier mit Euch. Wir freuen uns, wenn Ihr uns Eure Gedanken mitteilt. Und uns Themen und Ereignisse nennt, über die wir bloggen sollten. Let’s co-create! Denn für die Artificial Intelligence gilt: We are in this together.

Am Anfang sind es immer nur wenige, die etwas anfangen.

A friend just messaged me: ‚Davos is becoming the Burning Man for media junkies.‘ I replied: ‚I think it’s more like the Freezing Man.‘

He’s not entirely wrong – but I’m convinced that now more than ever, we need these spaces where people from around the world come together to chart the course for the future. In Davos, amidst the numerous organizations from all over the world, there’s also the #Open Forum, open for everyone to visit and participate in discussions. Thank you, dear Christoph Christoph Stueckelberger, for your role in
establishing this forum!

Artificial Intelligence was, next to the official and crucial WEF theme ‚Rebuilding Trust,‘ the most visible topic omnipresent throughout Davos. The Ukraine House Davos was particularly noteworthy, emphasizing that it’s not just about the future of Europe but the future of the world. Chilly Davos shows, that we we are definitely in a hot phase of world history.

Thanks for all the inspiring conversations and interviews we had (special thanks to Mark Max Tegmark!). Now, the crucial decisions are
being made to see if we can truly realize ‚AI for Good,‘ with the help of the United Nations‘ AI for Good initiative (ITU) and many other initiatives like Microsoft’s ‚AI for Good‘ (thanks to Juan M. Juan M. Lavista Ferres for the discussion). Every input matters, every action is significant – just like the Frankfurt SDG Night by the INGLOSUS Foundation led by Nader Maleki, Darius Maleki, Samira Maleki (where I serve on the Advisory Board). INGLOSUS will be hosting the important DIGISUSTAIN 2024 conference at the end of April, where Samira and I will be steering the AI stage.

Our planet faces numerous challenges – let’s tackle them with AI, with our hands and our minds, wherever possible. Perhaps we’ll meet again in Davos next year? Our team from ‚AInitiative to aimprove our future,‘ is heading back now. It’s time that the inspirational lightning of the Davos experience is followed by the thunder of action. Let’s bring the „Freezing Man Experience“ home now!

Thanks for the inspiring conversations and interviews with Max Tegmark, Gary Marcus, Alex Ilic, Seraphina Goldfarb-Tarrant, Rasmus Rothe, Juan M. Lavista Ferres, David Shrier, Samira Diana Maleki, Dr. Nader Maleki, Darius Maleki, Christine Papadopoulos, Shipra Narang Suri, Christoph Stueckelberger, Bernhard Schölkopf, Yann LeCunn, Fabricio Drumanod, Monty Metzger, Sebastian Becker, Adnaan Hafiz, David Haber, Karsten Fuelster, Marc Hasler, Fiona Marti, Jonas Schönberger, Oscar Jiménez

And CHAPEAU for building up these inspiring AI-Houses, -Spaces und-Schwerpunkte: Merantix, Ukraine House Davos, Axios
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